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This site has now been greatly extended with over 6500 images. Though there is a separate Links page there are many links within the pages themselves. There are some pages still under construction.

Includes galleries and sections on Travel, Special Effects, Digital Imaging, Nature, Slide Tape, Courses and 2 features on trips to the USA .- Photo updated feb 2009 new - War Zone pics new USA 2002 ...Cambodia 2005

Computer Graphics
Includes pages on Digital Landscapes, Fractals, Digital Imaging, Digital Cameras -Nikon 990, Minoltsa Dimage7, Animation, Multimedia, galleries on Vue D'Esprit and Terragen - Terragen v9 updated Feb 2004
Terragen 2 images here

Mainly covers Manchester City - updated July 2013
-new End of Era section
City past updated may 2008

Links to Computer Graphics, slide tape, photography as well as some animations and I hope soon some video, sound information and DigiView updated June 2006 -

Digital Photography
Covers pictures taken with Nikon 990 . Minolta Dimage 7, Minolta A1, Nikon D70,D200,D300, Casio F1
Nikon p500 and Nex 7

Details of courses on Digital Imaging and Slide Tape updated jan 2011

Timmy and Blackie and George
My cats page (according to him the most important!) - updated jan 2011 - Alas Timmy died May 15th 2007
A link to Blackie's old page can be found here also So can a new page of cat pictures
A new arrival in the household shortly is George - an adorable kitten - cat now (when he's good) -
he's arrived!!!!!




All images on the various pages are copyright richard tucker.
high resolution versions are available and prints can be purchased. Please e-mail me for details

Dimage 7
War Zone Pics - images from Pakistan, Iran,UAR, Saudi Arabia and Oman
Cambodia Images - days 1-8
Nikon D200
House of Curves
new Studio and CGI School
Terragen2 images
Nikon D300
Casio F1
George's Page
USA Trip 2008 26 days pics
Now available from Amazon ( click on image for link)
WH Smith and the City shop
Gigapans of Eastlands
World Cup 2010
World Cup Final 2010
Have I got views for you
Nikon P500
March pic of the month
old pics of the month
City 3 QPR 2 ttle winning game
Cricket Images
Tatton RHS Show 2013
new pages online
Man City new season 2013-2014
some prints from this game available here
regular updates- last Jan 2014
England v Australia 3rd Test Day 2
City 4 Southampton 1
England v Australia One Day Test Old Trafford Sept 2013
City 5 Fulham 0
City 2 Sunderland 2
New page covering image presentations on the computer HERE
new direct route for City
Nikon D70
Dimage A1
Man City 2011- 2012 season games pics and comments
regular updates -last in aug 2012