Vic's Page
Hello everybody my name is Vic - no not named after the old comedian but I was found by a Vicar no less so I will become a bishop in a few years! I was born about September 1st so I am only a few weeks old and am taking over from George. I am as fast as lightning so watch out.
Well I have only just arrived but am settling in quite quickly
Ah I've got the masters camera strap -that will teach him not to video me!
Now I will have to explore this tunnel a it more
This mouse was a bit tricky to catch
After all that exercise I need a bit of a nap so I will sleep on the masters shoulder!
This is my new house - just big enough for me!
Oh look - there goes a fast car - very naughty!
I had better say hello to some new friends - gosh surely that's not Paddington Bear!
There will be more soon - as soon as I teach the master how to take pictures
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It's so nice to have a bit of a rest after all that exercise!
Now for some action - click on me!
I do look pretty don't I !!
It's slo-mo wash time
Yes I do have a wash now and again! - click on me to watch the video
I'm dreaming of 'Dreamies's'!!
It's quite comfortable here on the sofa
More soon when the master wakes up!
Time for some more action
I do like my house
I've managed to get on top of this speaker -
but how do I get down?
I can watch TV with comfort now
I wonder whether I will grow as big as that
Why can't I play with these cats
Oh too much TV - better have a nap on the masters chest
Oh hello ! I am just checking what's going on outside
I do have to tell Paddington everything
Gosh this is a first - we have a nice warm fire to keep me warm
Just had the op! Click on me to watch me in slo-mo mood!
After all that exercise I need a rest on the masters lap
I do like jumping on the mantelpiece. I can cause havoc here
City look like winning this one
I do like to check what is going on out there
I always check for monsters neath the rug
I'm the top model for my master's new phone camera!
I am now almost 9 months old now and still a bit naughty!
click on the pics to see me in slomo jumping mood