USA 2008 - Day 20
Part 2
Originally built in 1939 for the film Arizona ( starring William Holden) the war held up productions until the Bells of St Marys (with Bing Crosby) in 1945. Other early films shot here included The Last Roundup with Gene Audrey and Winchester 73 with Jimmy Stewart in 1950. Other well known films include Rio Bravo, Tombstone, The Outlaw Josey Wales, McLintock, Joe Kidd, and Young Guns.
Used in more than 60 films a vintage steam locomotive called Reno was badly damaged during the fire but has been rebuilt. It was originally built in 1872 and moved to Tucson in 1970.
This is a must see place for Western Film movie fans and there is plenty for the photographer
Old Tucson Studios
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