USA 2008 - Day 20
Arriving a bit too early at the old Tucson Studios I spent some time taking pictures of the surrounding Saguaro Desert. Films have been part of the history of Tucson for over 100 years and by the 1980s the area was only surpassed by LA and New York as locations for the film industry . Although it had been used for many films it did not become a full production studio until 1967 but disaster struck in 1995 when an arsonist started a fire on the north side. A lot of damage was done and Old Tucson was not re-opened to the public until 1997. Now there is plenty for the tourist to enjoy with staged gunfights, train rides, music and dance shows, films, stunt , rides and games. You need a full day here. Nice to walk in the footsteps of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, etc.
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Old Tucson Studios
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