The first full days major test for my Nex7 at the RHS Flower Shaw at Tatton Park. Nearly 500 images and over 20 video clips in the day and I needed my third battery towards the end of the afternoon. I also had my first experience of the Nex7 overheating! It was after a particularly long video clip of the Baraka group. My Plan B - Nikon p500 had to step in for a couple of minutes or so. As I expected the 18-200 is proving to be a very versatile lens with the quality of the 100% crop being very good. I varied the iso to see how the camera fared in different conditions. Very little post processing in PS - a little sharpening.
16mm 2.8 pancake lens 1/250 f9 3200iso 25% crop
16mm 2.8 pancake lens 1/2000 f11 3200iso 50% crop
Some early morning light on a fairground roundabout on the walk from the car park
Suddenly realised how high the iso was ! ooops - no noise though
300mm 1/320 f6.3 200iso 100% crop
300mm 1/320 f7.1 200iso 65% crop
All images taken with Sony e18-200mm unless otherwise specified and all hand held
112mm 1/200 f7.1 200iso 30% crop
57mm 1/500 f9 200iso
84mm 1/500 f9 200iso
100% crop from image on left
141mm 1/320 f9 200iso - 'red dot on the landscape'
172mm 1/20 f6.3 200iso
70mm 1/125 f6.3 200iso
27mm 1/1000 f8 200iso
30mm 1/640 f8 200iso
The Strings Garden - Orchestra Garden - Silver medal
40mm 1/250 f8 200iso
World Skills - Canada
223mm 1/500 f9 200iso
300mm 1/200 f6.3 200iso 40% crop
27mm 1/500 f8 200iso
117mm 1/40 f13 200iso
Air on a Green String - Orchestra Garden - Silver Gilt medal winner
300mm 1/125 f6.3 200iso
300mm 1/500 f6.3 200 iso
300mm 1/400 f6.3 200iso 30% crop
300mm 1/800 f9 200iso 100% crop
39mm 1/500 f7.1 200iso
100% crop from image on left
Brass - Orchestra Garden - Gold medal winner
45mm 1/400 f7.1 200iso 60% crop
300mm 1/800 f8 200iso
82mm 1/320 f8 200iso
120mm 1/320 f8 200iso
147mm 1/200 f5.6 200iso
210mm 1/200 f6.3 200 iso
a few of the amazing objects from
16mm f2.8 lens 1/500 f9 100iso panned vertically 5536x2160 orig size - Reflections - a Silver medal winner
295mm 1/13th f18 100iso several ND filters added
295mm 1/6th f18 100iso several ND filters added
267mm 1/800 f6.3 200iso 30% crop
Sony 16mm f2.8 lens 1/800 f8 100% crop
27mm 1/640 f7.1 200iso
184mm 1/500 f8 200iso
A Perfect Match - Bronze Medal winner
121mm 1/80 f18 100iso 50% crop
210mm 1/320 f7.1 100iso
27mm 1/1250 f9 100iso
28mm 1/2500 f13 1600 iso
The Bowman of Bucklow -
27mm 1/1000 f8 100iso
64mm 1/640 f9 100iso
Sony e16mm 2.8 lens 1/1250 f8 100iso
27mm 1/1600 f6.3 100iso
300mm 1/500 f9 100iso
300mm 1/500 f9 100iso
27mm 1/160 f6.3 400iso
154mm 1/160 f5.6 400iso
North West Area of NAFAS
31mm 1/640 f8 400iso background blurred in PS
184mm 1/640 f10 400iso 50% crop
27mm 1/125 f5.6 400iso - Plato's Atlantis
33mm 1/400 f8 400iso
27mm 1/160 f6.3 400iso 30% crop
52mm 1/320 f9 400iso
Both images taken with Nikon 180mm 2.8 wide open at 1/4000 sec 400iso
wide pan 39mm 1/200 f8 100iso orig 12416x1856 some distortion where people have moved
150mm 1/400 f8 400iso
168mm 1/400 f9 400iso
253mm 1/500 f8 400iso
48mm 1/320 f8 400iso
300mm 1/320 f6.3 100% crop
300mm 1/250 f6.3 100% crop
300mm 1/640 f9 400iso 70% crop
300mm 1/400 f7.1 400iso 60% crop
300mm 1/640 f9 400iso 100% crop
300mm 1.320 f14 400iso 65% crop
73mm 1/200 f9 400iso
27mm 1/800 f8 400iso
300mm 1/500 f9 400iso
300mm 1/500 f8 400iso 100% crop
30mm 1/200 f9 vertical camera pan 5536x2160 Baraka on the bandstand
93mm 1/200 f8 400iso 85% crop - Ben Baddoo
172mm 1/160 f5.6 400iso 60% crop - Royston Gage
180mm 1/400 f8 400iso 50% crop
300m 1/320 f7.1 400iso 100% crop
135mm 1/250 f8 400iso
160mm 1/250 f7.1 400iso 50% crop
228mm 1/400 f8 400iso
258mm 1/800 f9 400iso
91mm 1/1000 f7.1 400iso
52mm 1/1250 f7.1 400iso
The Casablanca Steps
300mm 1/800 f6.3 400iso
286mm 1/1000 f7.1 400iso 40% crop
28mm 1/1000 f8 400iso
!50% crop from image on left
100% crop
40mm 1/800 f8 400iso Thelwall Infant School
27mm 1/640 f8 400iso
300mm 1/100 f6.3 400iso
125mm 1/20 f11 400iso
168mm 1.125 f5.6 400iso
165mm 1/40 f5.6 400iso
27mm 1/60 f3.5 400iso
97mm 1/80 f5.6 400iso
300mm 1/2000 f11 1600iso
The only butterflies to be seen were mechanical ones!

93mm 1/200 f8 1600iso
The miniature tree was superimposed over a cloud shot from my first few hours with the Nex 7

42mm 1/2500 f13 1600iso
27mm 1/2500 f13 1600iso
Sony 16mm 2.8 lens 1/2000 f11 3200iso
Sony 16mm 2.8 lens 1/2500 f13 3200iso
27mm 1/1600 f10 1600iso
27mm 1/1600 f10 1600iso
28mm 1/1600 f10 1600iso
27mm 1/1600 f10 1600iso
210mm 1/3200 f13 3200iso
73mm 1/3200 f13 3200iso
141mm 1/2500 f13 3200iso
81mm 1/2500 f13 3200 iso
243mm 1/2500 f13 3200iso
271mm 1/2500 f13 3200 iso
The background for both these images was blurred in PS
The Mornflake Garden - gold medal - Best Show Garden
A Flight of Fancy - silver gilt medal
54mm 1/2500 f13 3200iso
Nikon D300 - Statue of Alan Turing
Nikkor 18-200VR 54mm 1/20 f5.6 1600iso
The Bombe - silver gilt medal - tribute to life of Alan Turing
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300mm 1/800 f10 400iso with Sigma supp lens