Autumn is the ideal time to visit Westonbirt Arboretum. It is situated a few miles south of Tetbury and as you pass Prince Charles' house you can always give him and Camila a wave! The colours this year were excellent but although the weather forecast for the morning was good I am afraid we had very little sunshine. Nearly all the images were shot on the Sony 18-200 lens and all were hand held. I used to bring the tripod when I used the Nikon DSLR's but no more. The flexible LCD is so useful for those low shots as today the ground was very muddy in parts.
27mm pan 1/60 f4 160iso
143mm 1/100 f10 1600iso
192mm 1/80 f6.3 800iso
300mm 1/60 f7.1 800iso
300mm 1/60 f7.1 800iso
27mm 1/40 f10 800iso
300mm 1/250 f6.3 800iso
75mm 1/100 f6.3 800iso
219mm 1/250 6.3 800iso
57mm 1/60 f5 800iso
196mm 1/80 f6.3 800iso
243mm 1/160 f6.3 800iso
300mm 1/200 f6.3 400iso
300mm 1/60 f6.3 800iso
31mm 1/160 f6.3 800iso
39mm 1/125 f5.6 800 iso
27mm 1/50 f14 400iso
219mm 1/250 f6.3 400iso
16mm pancake lens 24mm 1/30 f18 400iso
16mm pancake lens 24mm 1/50 f20 400iso
16mm pancake lens 24mm 1/25 f16 400iso
16mm pancake lens 24mm 1/25 f16 400iso
57mm 1/100 f5.6 400iso
27mm 1/30 f11 400iso
165mm 1/25 f11 400iso
4 separate images 28mm 200iso
40mm 1/125 f4.5 400iso
27mm 1/100 f5.6 400iso
pan 27mm 1/60 f4 100iso
27mm 1/25 f10 400iso
45mm 1/100 f5.6 400iso
300mm 1/200 F6.3 400iso
87mm 1/160 f6.3 400iso
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